тренінг «inFormal» COACHING

тренінг «inFormal» COACHING

-womiPnWRpkтренінг «inFormal» COACHING
18 березня — 31 липня 2017 року, Росія та Німеччина
📌 Дедлайн: 17 лютого
Витрати: покриваються витрати на дорогу, проживання та харчування. Внесок з учасника 50 євро.

🔎 Довгостроковий навчальний курс, який є першим з додаткових курсів в рамках цілісного довгострокового проекту «неформальна — інтеграція неформального підходу до формальної системи».

Далі англійською:

This LTTC targets participants coming from formal and non-formal background willing to learn how to use coaching as a tool for youth empowerment in order to address multiple issues that young people struggle with at everyday basis.
— To learn what is coaching and it can be applied to the youth work
— To learn about different coaching models such as GROW and others
— To learn what is individual and group coaching and how it can be applied in the youth work and training
— To learn how to use and adapt coaching methods and tools easily in their daily work;
— To strengthen the learning process by implementing the full coaching cycle: set goals, identify new possibilities, make decisions, take actions, and reflect;
— To work on personal and professional development in order to improve theirs and others’ employability prospects;
— To raise awareness of the entrepreneurial learning potential with coaching tools;
— To unite efforts of youth workers coming from formal and other youth field backgrounds for youth empowerment at local level by using coaching principles
— To build a cross sectorial network and to create joined actions for address in current challenges
— To build a necessary set of competences for proficient use of NFE instruments and coaching tools for youth empowerment at local level
— To provide the opportunity to assess the quality of coaching process
— to understand the value of personal development through feedback

This long-term training course will consists of 3 parts:

1. inFormal COACHING, part 1 will take place in Rostov Velikii, Russia [7 working days from 18-26 of March 2017] — and will aim to acquainted participants with the different models and instruments of transformational coaching, and to build skills in using those models at everyday basis.
2. informal COACHING PRACTICE — the practical phase between two trainings, when participants will use coaching in their working realities, as well as will get an opportunity to pass through the online learning experience.
3. inFormal Coaching part 2 will take place in Weimar, Germany [7 working days in July 2017] and will focus on mastering the skills in coaching, reflection on the practical phase and experimenting with different models, instruments and tools.

1) Educators coming from formal l education system (professors, teachers)
2) Psychologists, social workers and school coaches and mentors from the formal (educational) institutions
3)Youth workers dealing with pupils, students and staff from formal education system as main target group
Participant should be ready to be fully involved in all stages. We expect participants to follow all three phases of the training.

VERY IMPORTANT: Participants should be committted to participate in the both stage and the online phase.

Голова інформаційного департаменту СтС ВНТУ

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